A hostel is the backbone of a residential school. Utmost care and importance is thus given to comfortable living at the hostel. While the rooms are well-ventilated and spacious, Iqra provides hygienic and nutritious food to its students. All regular amenities are provided at the campus, making it easier for students to focus on their education. Iqra leaves no stone unturned in making the student feel at home while in the hostel.

Gain Knowledge

Why a rose should not open before its time

“And tell the believing women to reduce (some) of their vision and guard their private parts and not expose their adornment except that which (necessarily) appears thereof…” [24:31]

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Iqra Education

The Mu'min has a beautiful character

“And verily, you (O Muhammad) are on an exalted(standard of) character.” [68:4]

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Students Corner

Essay Competition

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