1. The Hifz program

Hifz Course for Boys (Residential)

Students enrolled in the Program gain a systematic approach to complete their Hifz and also get an opportunity to know the essentials of the Qur’an, the ahadith, Arabic and jurisprudence (Fiqh). All Praise is due to Allah, our students also complete regular schooling alongside their Hifz study; so they could confidently move ahead to pursue professional study upon graduating from the said program.

There is no doubt that the Hifz Program has proved immensely beneficial for such parents, who have always wished to shield their children against the Hellfire – thereby securing their success in the hereafter.

Full-time Hifz Course for girls

All Praise is due to Allah that having successfully established the boys’ Hifz program, we initiated a full-time Hifz course for girls. Our resolve to do so was further strengthened by the absence of such schools required to impart Allah’s beautiful words to girls of tender age.

It is only Allah’s grace that we were amazed to see the overwhelming response of parents who raised their hands for the call. This has been instrumental in motivating us to commence this program in early June 2011.

Part-time Hifz Course for Women

The oft-quoted quip, “There is a woman behind a successful man” drives home the lofty position of our sisters. While religious texts confirm that a woman is man’s counterpart and created to be his companion; a mother’s vital role in her child’s physical and spiritual nourishment needs no introduction whatsoever.

Realizing the woman’s sublime position in imparting faith and virtuous upbringing, the school initiated this part-time course for homemakers. Timings are made flexible so they could attend classes upon completion of household duties. Students who have completed formal education can also avail and benefit from this course.

Gain Knowledge

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Iqra Education

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Students Corner

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